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BLITZ – Anti Aging Toner (alcohol free)


Blitz Antioxidant Rich Toner with Ginseng,
Cucumber, Aloe, and Horse Chestnut delivers
powerful doses of age defying antioxidants to dry,
aging skin. The second step in your Skin Game
Strong routine, each use cools, refreshes, and
instantly moisturizes, leaving skin soothed,
balanced, and renewed. Since Blitz is alcohol-free,
you get balanced, healthy, toned skin, without the
dryness that can worsen wrinkles.

Pour onto cotton round and swipe gently over skin
daily, morning and night after cleansing with The
Starter Kelp Age Defense Nourishing Cleanser.
Blitz can also be used by pouring a small amount
onto palms of hands and pressing gently into skin.
Follow with Layup Instant Lifting Serum or The
Specialist Rapid Defy Brightening Serum.


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