Maskne? We got you!

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The clinical term for maskne is acne mechanic and it’s caused by friction, rubbing, and occlusion of the skin by outside forces. 
Now that masks are becoming a part of everyday life for the rest of us, managing mask acne isn’t going to be a one-time deal. You can make a few adjustments to your skincare routine to combat mask breakouts, soothe irritation, and stop the vicious maskne cycle. 

LEAD OFF Oil Free Deep Pore Cleanser deeply purifies and unclogs pores with the power of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. The Glycolic and Salicylic Acids in Lead Off work in tandem to whisk away excess oils, impurities, and dead skin cells that can cause breakouts. 
THE M.V.P.Ever Glow Daily Leave On Peel delivers a powerful combination of Bitter Almond Extract, Mandelic and Azelaic Acids, and Niacinamide to help refine and decongest pores, lighten, brighten, and even tone, and fade fine lines and wrinkles. 
FULL COURT PRESSBlemish Control Clay Mask provides deep pore detoxification to reveal a healthy, smooth, vibrantly clear complexion. 

 Stay safe and acne free! Get this Skincare trio that you can use every day. 

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